How many rubber bands does it take to get to the center of the courtyard? Symone p:1st 8/31/15


The purpose of this experiment was to determine the number of rubber bands attached to an object, it would take to make a bungee cord that had a certain distance fallen without hitting the surface. This experiment is very important because of the activities that take place outside just an object, such as a person bungee jumping.Therefore, these things have to be tested because of its big safety pro-caution to those people so that they don’t get minor or majorly injured. The information that had to take part was, the number of the rubber bands used and the farthest distance it would stretch with those rubber bands that took part. New information I learned from this experiment was I was able to accurately figure out the number of rubber bands needed to reach a good distance without the object touching the floor. I also found that every 10 rubber bands was 1.5 ft in distance. The expected results were the light massed object would come close to the floor but wouldn’t touch it. If the object is lighter then, you would need more rubber bands because they wouldn’t stretch as far to reach the distance needed.

 Materials Used

  •  Measuring tape- used to measure the length of the rubber bands in ft.
  • Rubber bands- used to create a bungee cord attached to the object for

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