Pinhole Camera Project

Introduction and Hypothesis

During the process of making the pinhole camera our purpose was to show that a little bit of light can make a big scene into a small picture, while everything else surrounding it was opaque. This experiment is important because it was discovered long ago in ancient times when digital cameras didn’t exist. Now people use these images from the light rays to create a reflected image in a unique way. The light rays entering the pinhole bend, so that the inside of the camera makes an inverted image appear on the white paper. After doing this experiment, you will learn that you don’t need a digital or fancy camera to get a picture perfect image. As a result, you will see an image from behind you flipped upside down onto the paper inside. If the camera is opaque, then the clearer the inverted photo will be, because the pinhole will only let a certain amount of light enter it.

Materials and Procedure

Materials in this experiment and how they were used;IMG_8092

  1. Cardboard box (Domtar) – used for camera
  2. Duck Tape – used around viewing window, corners of the box (on the inside and outside) ,around the foil
  3. Black Trash bag – used on the outside of the box to keep all light out
  4. Aluminum foil (Reynolds Wrap) – used to make the pinhole
  5. Scotch Tape -used the tape the foil to the box
  6. Black construction paper – used all around the inside to make it dark
  7. White copy paper- used to project a clearer image
  8. Box cutter – used to cut the edges on the top of the box off
  9. Styrofoam – used as the viewing window to see the picture
  10. Mechanical Pencil (Write Stuff)- used to make the pinhole


The equation I found was the measure of the focal length of the lens, which was (size of pinhole) x (size of pinhole) x 750. So an example would be 0.4mm X 0.4mm X 750= 120mm. 120mm would be the focal length of the lens. Cited at

Results (Data tables and Graphs)

The results we have found were the picture of the building was inverted and clearer from the sun using the white paper.

image (1)image


The purpose of this experiment is to show how light shines through a tiny hole creating a small picture. The results were that picture was inverted from the light. The data supports our hypothesis because it shows how our image was projected onto the paper and the angle it was projected at.


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