2nd Op-Ed paragraph

Helm, Angela. “The ‘Empire’ Effect: Is The Sudden Diversification Of TV Really A Thing?” N.p., n.d. Web. 21 Sept. 2015.

“Decider” writer, struggling to make sense of it all, Angela Helm, in her Op-Ed “The ‘Empire’ Effect: Is The Sudden Diversification Of TV Really A Thing?”, states that apparently the floodgates have bursted open for minority actors on TV, however, she rebuts it by saying they’ve actually been keeping track and there are indeed numbers of new television series with black leads being shot everyday. She supports her claim by listing numerous names of actors, actresses, including the television shows they have starred in, and also the network channels they were on. Then stating that in addition to shows already on air with more diverse casts, such as Empire, is seen as a good thing by most “sane?” people. Not only for African-Americans and other people of color who haven’t been put on film for years, but for everyone without placing whiteness as the center of normal. Finally, she argues that in Nellie Andreeva’s Deadline Hollywood article on the overwhelming blackness of TV in the new season, Helm states Nellie is panicking for no reason because it doesn’t necessarily mean television will be set to be blacker.

Helm’s purpose is to convey that not every show on television is filled with only whites, although, a majority of cast members are African-American, in order to show that “The Empire” wasn’t the start of it all. She provides evidence by using quotes from announcements others have made to say what she thinks about their points afterwards. Helm gives a tone of sarcasm and very straight forward about her opinions.


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