Op-Ed Reflection

We were told to argue a topic in our own perspective. First, I chose a topic by searching  “301 argument prompts”, given as a suggestion by Mrs.Dille. Then, found two pieces of articles that were for and against my topic to support my claim,also included into my two summaries. Next, I wrote my rough draft that was read over by Mrs.Dille and she told me what she thought I should improve on in my writing. Finally, I went through it and edited it to complete my final draft.

I chose the topic “Is TV Too White” because it outstandingly grabbed my attention and made me realize that diversity really is a big issue in the television community. I was seeing majority whites on most shows and I remember always thinking to myself, “Why is this happening?”, and “What can we do to widen the amount of color being shown on TV?” Not only did writing about this topic, widely open my eyes even more. It also made me feel very unique for writing about such a broad topic that others can also relate to. My interests found in writing about this topic reminded me of putting myself in the actors or actresses shoes. For the races that try out for a major lead and don’t get the part due to the Caucasian race who “beat them” at it. I enjoyed getting to choose my own topic because it made things so much easier for me to mentally relate to and speak from my ethnicity point of view. 

The audience reacted and interacted with my Op-Ed, “Is TV Too White”, by quoting a certain line they liked or stuck out to them as the readers. In the comment below, Broddle reacted to my choice of words as being “…so well put”. He also chose that line to give me feedback and interacted, to help me realize that what I said can be worded a little differently to be more precise about what I meant. 

  The impact my writing had on my audience was very relating and thought about by a majority of the comments made. However, two of those people such as Chelsea and Summer, really stood out and they had a lot to say about my topic on a related level.  

 Chelsea, in her comment, related when she’s says “I think about this a lot” and how she talks about the types of shows she also would like to see with all different types of people represented.

  Summer, shows she can also relate by giving an example of a friend and her partner working on a paper about diversity in comic book characters. It’s all of the same concept, and a important topic. 

Next time, I would be more specific about who I am targeting.For instance, in this case it would be the older networks and shows more than the newer ones. During my rough draft I would have taken more time to really think about things that would have made my final draft easier, with little edit. I also should have talked more to my main audience such as TV directors and producers. 

During the process of writing about this topic, I learned that when there’s a topic that needs to be discussed about, it’s so much easier for me and others to connect to. My motivation that kept me strong about my claim was that it’s time for a change and everyone should have equal opportunities to take part of the soon to be diversity on TV . As a result of my arguement, I felt very accomplished and well spoken to those who may, or may not have relized the big issue.


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