Dear Great Grandma 

There are a never ending amount of stories you still tell me til this day. Whether I’ve heard them over and over, and over again, or heard of them for the first time. Some that have us both into joyful tears from laughing so hard and some that make me think deeply about things. The one that’s most important to me is my memory of how many times you’ve continuously told me how much you love me and how beautiful I am to you. You would be looking out of the window and I would say “Mawmaw, I wanna see Mawmaw”, you picked me up to see what you were looking at just so the both of us could be nosey together. The kindest hearts are the ones to pull my heart in closer. Therefore, you’ve got me. Mawmaw is the closest name I can get to a great grandma who’s always there for me, like a second mom. Being in your presence rejoices me and your hugs are oh so warm. If I could give you the world, you would have that and the entire solar system to go with it. Thank you for everything you do for me. I look up to you for making it through the hard times and still managing to be the caring great grandma you are. I’m so glad I live just down the street from you now, especially since you always tell me I’m welcome anytime, anyday. Words can’t even begin to express how much you mean to me. I love you Mawmaw. 

Love, your great grand daughter.  



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