Converging lenses

Process for drawing a ray diagram: 

  1. Observe the way the image is projected through the lens.
  2. Label the focal points. (F/2F)
  3. Connect the light rays going from the image through the focal points, to meet at the object.
  4. Determine the image distance, object distance and focal point of the diagram. (di, do, F) 
  5. Decide whether it’s real or virtual. 

In this lab the most important ideas I learned was ,the difference between the virtual image and real image and how real can be projected and virtual cannot. Also, the different types of diagrams that can be made depending on the position of the object. Not only that, also how to calculate the object distance, image distance, and focal point length. 

One question I still have about converging lenses is what if there’s more than one type of lense? How would that effect the image? 


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