Genre Study

My genre is an interview/disscusion video, I noticed that the theme of the topic being talked about should all be very similar in order to argue my point successfully. I’ve also realized music isn’t always one of those things needed to make a point. Therefore, A lot of ideas were brought to my attention in the videos I’ve reasearched about the same genre’s. In the first video I watched, 8 African American Highschool boys were ready to have a open discussion about racial justice and inequality as they were all sitting in a isolated classroom-like room, making the setting more effective to the videos purpose of the students. It also came to my attention that each speaker was dressed appropriately but still dressed as students. Before each person spoke, their name appeared in the bottom right corner so that the audience can refer back to them. During the video, everyone else besides the speaker  was quiet until they were done speaking, more like a cycle through each person. The tone of the highschool video was straightforward and to the point/topic. However, in a different type of a video interview, in the perspective of a man who was convicted and put in jail, the Racial Justice Act not only interviews him alone but goes back and forth to the news. The tone was direct and of how he felt. Therefore, I would choose to make a very similar video as the highschool students did because I would be able to reach my audience of Parents and teenagers better that way, and send it social media like Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.


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