Racial discrimination 

Most African American minorities will respect another minority. However, most will not receive the same amount of respect back, as they gave to the majority. Racial discrimination is one of those wrongful situations that has left a tremendous impact on a large amount of men, women, even a teenage girl or boy’s life. 

In our video, high school students express what they think and feel about racial discrimination. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNKq0IY1v1A


4 thoughts on “Racial discrimination 

  1. 1) I agree with this video as it highlights the point that racial discrimination is something that should be ended
    2) A statement that really stood out to me was that racial discrimination is something that is made up in the mind.
    3) I found a personal connection with this as I hear a lot of discrimination everywhere and not just about race that I condemn.


  2. What a powerful topic to address. I love when students are able to discuss race (even if the adults are too afraid). I had a hard time hearing what was said sometimes (but that’s just a technical issue with the video).

    Educolor is a group of adults that care deeply about racial injustice and we have a website with some recommended articles/books/blogs to read if you want to push your knowledge further: http://www.educolor.org/resources/

    Spend some time to see what others have written and never stop learning and fighting for justice. You guys can make a difference.


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