Reflective Essay

In our project, we intended to reach an audience of African Americans, parents, and teenagers. Most African American minorities will respect another minority. However, most will not receive the same amount of respect back, as they gave to the majority. Racial discrimination is one of those wrongful situations that has left a tremendous impact on a large amount of men, women, even a teenage girl or boy’s life. We chose to make an interview video to get each high school students opinion individually and separately to make our points more effective.

We mostly used pathos to make it easier for us to connect better with our audience when Donald Jones stated, “Pride and joy keeps me running everyday,” to show that he doesn’t feed off of the negativeness that goes on around him, he also smiled while saying it which also created a smile on the audiences face. We used little ethos in our video when we made our own conclusion that,”Racial discrimination is created in the mind. When those thoughts are spoken,they become causes of violence,risk of stress and embodied equality  that is unsustainable,” this not only identifies what racial discrimination can cause. However, it also gives the director and producer a chance to be apart of the video by saying what we thought. We also used very little logos when we included ,”After being arrested African Americans are 33 percent more likely than whites to be detained while facing a felony trial in New York,” to get our point across that the minorities are almost always the ones to be questioned rater than the majority making it unfair.

In order to reach an audience, we felt it would be easier for us to target them by going through a few steps. First, we uploaded our video on YouTube to create a link that many can reach without having to go through the trouble of looking for it. Then, we posted the link on our WordPress with a brief summary of the ideas we took into counter of our video to help share on  social media like Instagram. Finally, to reach my teenage audience, I made a post on Instagram that said, “Everyone please go click the link in my bio & give me feedback…thank you! ” In reaction to this post, there were African American teenagers who said things like, “That was amazing”. I also got an amazing feedback from a student and teacher on my blog that gave me more hings to consider and look into.

I’ve learned that if you want to express how you feel about a certain topic, it doesn’t just have to be something that everyone will like because in a crowd that might be against what you say, there will always be a few that will agree with what you have to say. Also that its not as easy as it seemed, getting all the people together, and hoping they would say what they really felt after I would ask them a question. Next time I would tell the interviewees the questions I would be asking ahead of time so they can really disect them.

Overall, I feel we did a good job persuading those who are interested in the same topic of racial discrimination, by reaching our intended audience more on the teenager side. Since I’m not very good with creating videos, this made me more confident for future videos I may decide to create.




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