Reflection on a semester of reading and writing



Dear Mrs.Dille,

This semester I learned there are many techniques to get your point across to an audience and how to be completely honest while doing it, which also makes it more entertaining . It doesn’t have to be a certain way in order for you to reach your audience “correctly.” You can write a blog, make a short video, or just do any form of persuading in order to make your piece successful. There’s a wide range of options to choose from depending on what type of writing you enjoy doing.

As a reader, I am more of a person who is on the picky side. Even though I don’t read as much as I should, I catch myself reading articles about things that are going on, or the occasional short book about a persons life experiences. As a writer, I am a opinionated person who likes to express how I feel about certain things and try to make the audience understand my perspective better. I enjoy writing essays about my reflection on a topic.

My approach in reading and writing have both changed in ways I thought would never happen. In reading, the essays we’ve done like the Op-Ed and Speech Analysis, both required me to do the research and made me actually sit down and read into the information to make my points better. Reading articles have also helped changed the way I thought of reading…”Boring,” to “Oh this isn’t so bad after all.” In writing, I use to DREAD writing anything, if it had anything to do with the word essay, I was totally over it. Now, I can approach it in a way that is still very surprising to me, I’m able to really think about what words I specifically want to use, how I’m going to use them, and how I’m going to apply the ideas I want while using them. My favorite piece I read this semester was the article of Entertainment weekly writers, Margeaux Watson and Jennifer Armstrong because it talked about the same ideas I was thinking about. The piece I’m most proud of is my Diversity Op-Ed is “TV too White,” because I got a lot of feedback and gave my strong opinions and ideas into it.

Overall I feel I did really good this semester, I’ve kept up with all the work and maintained 90’s. I wouldn’t do anything differently besides paying more attention and reading more. Next semester my goal is to improve even  more as a reader and continue to do my best. To those who plan on improving, I would suggest to make sure your assignments are on time and stay focused so you can understand everything better than before because you just might look back as I did, and see how well you’ve improved throughout the semester. 



2 thoughts on “Reflection on a semester of reading and writing

  1. Symone, It’s been a pleasure to read your writing this semester. You are a really thorough and thoughtful student and I’ve appreciated all your careful work in sending messages that are important for readers to hear. I look forward to reading more of your writing next semester!


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