Rhetorical Analysis

A) “Does each of us have the same print, the same white curtains, I wonder? Government issue?”
B) This is an example of details, in which she gives a description of what exactly is around her so that the reader can visualize it more. Such as, when he talks about the “same print” and the “same white curtains.”
C) This passage specifically shows the dictatorship of the government and how they make all the girls wear the same thing.
D) This image shows the anti-feminism that in some cases happen today, depending on what part of the world you’re in or the situation you are in as well. She describes the little individualism each and every girl has.

A) “If I hadn’t of got my tubes tied, it could of been me, say I was 10 years younger.”
B) This is an example of irony which is the expression of ones meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humor or empathic effect. She says “hadn’t got my tubes tied” and “10 years younger” which is appealing in a funny way to the audience.
C) This passage shows her sacrasm as well as humor about something rather serious. The reader can take it literal or humourous.
D) This image fits with today’s society because many women get their tubes tied, without realizing they might want kids later on in life. She hopes to relate to women but specifically, mothers.


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