Satire Article

Austin’s Water Companies Issues to Urgently Contaminate Your Food With Your Garden Hose




 TEXAS  – The Ecology Center, in a nonprofit research group, tested 21 different garden hoses from common everyday appliance stores such as Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Walmart for the “contaminating” chemicals like lead, cadmium, and bromine that may lead to illness.

It is vitally important that parents avoid letting their children drink out of these water hose. Although many may not be aware, studies found that in 2013, they “screened more garden hose and released new data that showed PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) phthalates that are allowed in all children products, as well as food.”

According to the Conservative Foundation, the garden hose isn’t the only way to get water for your plants and children. However, they also suggested, “adding a rain barrel or two,” as a much healthier choice and form of water.

Austin’s Water Companies say, “Around 40% of total household water used…is for watering gardens and lawns.” Therefore, the only downfall during the process of contamination, is the increase in your water bill!


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