Junior Year Reflection


Dear Symone,

Looking back at this year, I’ve learned how to keep my grades up by doing my assignments on time by their due dates, writing much better essays, and have taken very important tests like the SAT with writing, AP English test, and U.S History STAAR, that have been a great real life experience for me. Also, the things I’ve improved on are being able to write much better essays, being more outgoing with the people in school or out and I never gave up through the difficult, long projects. Some new and creative things I’ve done this year was a interview video for a Multi-media project, that had a strong argument made by me and my partner. I also created a piece of art work for my grandma for her birthday that involved my grandpa who passed when I was two. So it was very new and emotional to me. The writing I’m most proud of is my argumentative essay, “Is TV Too White?”, I had a very strong opinion about the prompt I chose, along with others who gave me a massive amount of  feedback. This made me feel very accomplished in getting my point across, not to mention my 4.0 grade I received on it. Although it seems my year went great, there was also many personal down falls I was experiencing having to do with stress because of tests and conflict with myself. At the beginning of this year, I wish I would have known that colleges only see grades up to your junior year because then I would of strived even more for success. My goals for my last year of high school are to continue to be productive with my learning and go full throttle til the day of graduation. Also, to know what I want to do as a career to enjoy for the rest of my life and get scholarships to help my parents out on college tuition.


One thought on “Junior Year Reflection

  1. Symone, It’s been a pleasure to be part of your writing journey this year. You have lots of creative and insightful things to say. Best of luck senior year!


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