Over a dead body

   Detectives began to question me, asking me to tell them everything I knew as the eye witness testimony of the case involving Meredith Rollings, a 19 year old teenage girl.

   One evening, I was walking home from a friends house, who only lived about two and a half blocks from me. As I got to the halfway distance in between the two, I suddenly noticed that there was four people surrounding a large object laying on the floor in front of them. I couldn’t quite tell what it was until I slowly walked closer, and at that moment I could only see a head and feet.

   Panic stricken, I immediately took out my phone to take photos of the dead body. As I was taking photos, I began to realize her beautiful hair covered in the blood from her brain from the hole in her head. Along with her hazel eyes starring upwards. Futhermore, I looked around for the bullet shell to detect what type of gun it was, leading to the conclusion a nine milimeter pistol from my knowledge of the bullets in CSI. As I was one of the four eyewitness testimony’s after the crime scene, I was the only one to collect this piece of evidence in a zip lock bag. 

   The detective interupted me and said, “Because there is some type of skin and print left on the bullet shell, I wonder if the suspect tried to pick up his or her evidence and burned themselves on it so they must of dropped it. Luckily, we were able to find a match from the lifted prints and DNA from the skin. We have got our person, Meredith Rollings was shot in the head by Sarah Hitchman, over the affair involving her husband.


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