A Serial Killer

Intro to Script :

( Mia was walking in a discrete hallway, when all of a sudden she hears footsteps behind her. She turns to look and sees no one. )

Mia: That was weird…

( She turns and sees a GHOST FACE in front of her )

( Serial killer Zack appears in front of her with a smirk on his face )

Zack: Hello Mia

( Mia says in a scared tone)

Mia: How do you know my name? Who are you?

Zack: I’ve been watching you for a while

( Does a sinister laugh, hahahahah! )


Zack: Are you ready to die pretty face?

(Mia has a blank stare, she starts to stutter out of terror as she looks for someone )

( Detective Oscar walks around until he hard a cry for help )

Mia : Some..somebody, please help me I don’t wanna die!

(Detective Oscar then rushes to the cry for help)

(Detective Oscar arrives on scene)

Oscar: Hey you stop! Now!

Mia: Help me please!

( Oscar jumps on Serial Killer Zacks back to get him off of Mia and the switch to blood spatter against the wall) {right before Oscar punches Zack we switch the the wall make the clap sounds and fling the blood}

[ Now we ask rhetorical questions about the blood spatter, we then explain the angles of the blood spatter and how we know how the scene unraveled, after we explain the likely-ness of the blood spatter we cut back and actually show the scene and the cause of the blood ]

( Detective Symone then starts investigating the crime scene

Symone: Hmmm, what happened here?

( Symone walks around and looks at the dead bodies of Detective Oscar and Mia. She then looks at the wall with the blood spatter pattern and begins to analyze the scene.










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