Mystery Unsolved


In this crime scene investigation, I have spent sleepless nights and dedicated plenty of time to come to the conclusion of the President and Vice Presidents assassination based off my analysis, the killings were caused by two victims. Furthermore, the President was shot from the Vice presidents office straight on by a 7 mm rifle and the Vice President was shot from Hotel de Bleu from a higher angle with a 45 mm pistol. In this report, I will demonstrate a better understanding why this is my final conclusion.


After examining the President and Vice President’s cardboard bodies, I learned that there were two shooters involved in the shootings of the two. The President was shot from the Vice President office, the entry wound was through the right side of his head, and it came from the south to the northwest side, leaving a exiting wound through his left shoulder.  The entry bullet was through the head because there’s a dent around the wound and it came from the top of him. The weapon that was used was a 7 mm sniper rifle. I figured out the type of gun it came from by examining the bullet, we compared all the bullets that we had and came to the conclusion that it was from the sniper rifle. The VP was shot from Hotel de Bleu three times in the chest and one time in his left arm as show in the image below. There was only one exit wound in his left arm. The President wasn’t shot from an angle because they were straight shots to his chest. In this case, the shooter must have been far away, there would of been burn marks if the shooter was 30 feet away.

                   President                                                         Vice President                                    



I learned that in the Minecraft world there was a lot of skyscrapers. By the looks of the crime scene photos the President was shot from the south side of his head, and splattered to the north side of his body, in which he was facing east after being shot. I also came to a decision that he was shot from the Vice President’s office in building 6, at a distance of 65 m, and found North of the body was a 7 mm shell, leading to one shooter. I also examined that the Vice President was found dead in the lunchroom, and was shot from Hotel de Bleu, located from a different angle that the President’s shooter wouldn’t of been able to get to have a clear shot from. In this case, welcome to shooter number two who used a 45 mm pistol  and shot straight on with no angle.

In the graphs below,  I illustrated the gunshot wounds of the President and Vice President. Also that the Vice President was shot first, then the President with an angle of about 30 degrees if rounded up.


tan 2

To prove this is mathematically efficient as shown above, I used the tangent inverse “TOA,” the opposite length 37 m of how high the shooter was up,  over the adjacent from the distance of the President to the bottom of the building. To solve for the missing angle from the shooter to the President.


From what I learned about the eyewitness testimony, the eyewitness are somewhat unreliable to find the location of the shooter but eyewitness are a necessity in the investigation. The reason for this is that without them we would have never found out that one of the shooters was in the same room as the Vice President. All the eyewitnesses had a similar story to each others  and that was that gun shots were fired and heard coming from the Hotel de Bleu and followed from two loud shots, but there were some shots that stood out to them. Maxine who was sitting on the East of the lunch said that he/she saw someone run up the staircase and started to shoot the Vice President in the lunchroom. He was able to shoot back but didn’t hit the shooter, the shooter then ran up or down the stairs and if it wasn’t for the eyewitnesses I would have had a different idea of where the shot fired his gun. Another vital piece of information was the types of bullets shot and can be important to this investigation because we can determine what gun was used at the time of the crime. We found out that the bullet used to kill the vice president was 45 mm pistol and the one to kill the president was a 7 mm rifle. The bullets only helped us to determine what gun was used but not the location. From all the information that we gathered from eyewitness testimony, bullets, and casing it all connected together. There was no evidence that we could not explain.



In conclusion, the evidence provided in this investigation, detectives learned that the President was walking when he heard gunshots coming from the Hotel de Blue when the Vice President was shot 4 times but shot 1 himself with a total of 5 shots. The questions the investigators may never know the answer to are where the killers are, how they got away, why did the Vice President had a gun on him, and why both the President and Vice President had been killed.


One thought on “Mystery Unsolved

  1. Symone, your report contains a comprehensive theory that accounts for your observations. To make the theory more cohesive, you could connect your calculations back to physical observations from the map. For example, how does the calculated 30 degree angle correspond with what you measured on the body?


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